On behalf of Our Church Leadership Team, and our Congregation, we want to welcome you to the official website of the Triple Crown Cowboy Church the Mission. The Cowboy Church is a plant Church of the Cowboy Church Network of North America and is in Frankfort, KY. We are a Church that welcomes all who wish to attend and hear the good news of Jesus Christ in a “come as you are environment”.

Triple Crown Cowboy Church
P.O. BOX 5262
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 382-6211
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TCCC Friday Services
6pm Supper
7:15pm Worship
342 Wallace Ave
Corner of Wallace Ave and Owenton Ave
Frankfort, Kentucky
(map it)

TCCC Sunday Morning Services
10:15am meal
1100am services  (map it
106 West Second Street
Capital Restoration and Automotive
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to like horses to come to a cowboy church?

A: No, some of the people who come to Triple Crown Cowboy Church do not have horses or any particular interest in them. They just want to come and Worship in a come as you are environment.

Q: Why does Triple Crown Cowboy Church not meet on Sunday?

A: Triple Crown Cowboy Church provides an alternative time to worship for people unable to attend Sunday morning services regardless of the reason.

Q: What kind of music do you have at Triple Crown Cowboy Church?

A: At the Triple Crown Cowboy Church we have a Praise Team who love the Lord so much and bring His Word in song so beautifully and with such passion that you can’t help but feel the Presence of God. We have special groups often as well and many folks who share specials.

Q: Do I have to dress up or have to wear cowboy boots or a hat to Triple Crown Cowboy Church?

A: The answer is not at all. Triple Crown Cowboy Church is a come as you are Church Service. We have folks that attend straight from work, or straight from the barn. Come as you are, dress as you like, and come and Worship.

Q: Are you a Bible believing church?

A: Yes! We are a Bible Believing Church and our Sermons reflect that by coming straight from the Bible with a light hearted twist.

Q: Can I still become a part of Triple Crown Cowboy Church if I already am a member of another church?

A: At the Triple Crown Cowboy Church you can join the Church as a Member but you can also be a member of another Church and be a Partner with the Triple Crown Cowboy Church. That means that you have the same rights as one of the members however your tithes belong to your Home Church.